Pharmacy First

Information to patients for Pharmacy First

Treatment for seven common conditions is now possible through pharmacies with the new Pharmacy First scheme.

The treatment is the same as that we can prescribe, including antibiotics if appropriate.

These conditions are
1. Sore throat – 5+ years and not pregnant.
2. Earache – Children aged 1-17, not recurrent.
3. Sinusitis – over 12 years, not more than 12 weeks duration, immunosuppressed or pregnant.
4. Impetigo – not recurrent, over 1 year and not bullous.
5. Shingles – not pregnant, over 18 years.
6. Infected Insect bites – over one year old.
7. Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women – 16-64, not recurrent, not pregnant, no catheter.