Hospital Medications

  1. 1. Where a patient’s medication is changed during inpatient or day case stay, the Hospital will ensure that the patient is provided at discharge with a minimum of 14 day’s supply or sufficient to finish a treatment course with the exception of the following:
  1. Patients who have been assessed as requiring a dosette box on discharge – 7 days’ supply of medication in a dosette will be provided. With the patient’s agreement a referral through the discharge medicines service will be made to the patients nominated Community Pharmacy.
    1. Patients requiring pain medication post an acute intervention – a suitable quantity, maximum 14 days, should be provided to cover the patient until the point where the patient’s pain can be managed with over-the-counter treatments in discussion with their local pharmacist. This should be clear on the discharge summary.
    2. In instances where the Hospital are supplying acute medicines i.e. a defined course of antibiotics or steroids the Hospital will supply the entire course unless agreed with the patient and the GP in advance or clinically inappropriate to do so.